Boomer's Tender Treats is my first multi-topic blog! I've had some kind of journal for close to ten years, starting with a Live Journal that a friend and me were keeping. Later I signed up with other sites that added blogging tools and provided journals, which mostly dealt with the given site's topic.

I don't think I was all that comfortable with the other sites to make them my home, they were owned by someone else or had too many ads, or maybe I'd post lots of articles and the site keepers would decide to close up shop; indeed that happened to me in the days of WebTV and Windows 98.

Around October 2014 I was willing to help a buddy set up his own Junk Blog after he'd mentioned wanting one. By chance that would help me to learn about different blogging systems too, and I ended up trying at least half a dozen. We were looking for something that was easy and light on the frills, to just focus on the posts. Several looked nice, but Movable Type seemed to be the best, with multiple blogs right out of the box, and fast-loading flat HTML pages for visitors.

I'm Boomer The Dog, happy to be recycled and given a new leash on life.