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Nice packing comrade!

I'm on the way to building an AM broadcast band synthesized PLL oscillator. What that means is I'll be able to choose a frequency between 530 and 1700 khz, set some little switches, and the oscillator will put out a stable signal at the chosen frequency. This small signal will feed a power amplifier to boost the signal, with a modulator attached to give it sound, making a small broadcast transmitter, an advanced version of the Radio Shack AM kit that I had.

I started to order parts for this project last month, and I was surprised at how these chips came packed. These are CD4060 oscillator/divider ICs, and are CMOS chips, which should be kept away from static electricity, yet these are packed in what appears to be a plain poly bag! They're probably okay, with protection diodes on their inputs, but I'll put the tea kettle on and make sure to open the bags in the presence of steam, to kill any static that might be generated, then put them into anti-static bags or foam. It's the dead of winter here, very dry air and the worst time to be handling static-sensitive parts.