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KDKA AM Pocket Radio

On the weekend I got this pocket AM radio from a Saint Vincent DePaul thrift store for 99 cents. My guess is it was a free giveaway at the Pirates' stadium, one of those "First 1000 fans at the game get a free AM headphone radio!" game nights. Add a little beer sponsorship to help cover the costs and it made a nice little gift to get people out to PNC park.


The radio is mono headphone only, no speaker. This was a surprise, since most pocket radios that look like this have speakers! In a way this is good, most listeners at a game would be listening on a headphone anyway to be able to hear play-by-play over the crowd, and it also saves battery power by having a lower power audio amp. The case is just molded plastic with no trimmings or textures.


It looks like a simple and traditional superheterodyne, a classic circuit in all kinds of radios, and the detector appears to be a silicon diode, not germanium which is the better choice for a detector, with lower distortion. The ferrite bar in the loopstick antenna is not the smallest I've seen.


The board is marked "TS 314". The tuner is on the top, tuning radio stations from 540 to 1600 khz. Circuit board is the usual phenolic, power is 3 volts from 2 AA cells. Vintage is unknown, and a friend thought it could be from the 1980s.


KDKA is the flagship station of the Pittsburgh Pirates and operates at 50,000 watts at 1020 on the AM dial.