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Muffin drawing

I started drawing my Dogs in pencil, just as a way to get the pooches I was thinking about on to paper. I was really into a Dog named Muffin from a pet show I'd gone to, and had Muffin's picture around for years. When I got into the anthro idea, I'd imagine what all of my favorite Dogs would be like if they stood up on two feet instead of down on four, and if they had hand-paws and other features that people had.

Muffin by Boomer August 1988 (click to see bigger)

I did a number of my Doggie favorites like this in the mid-1980s, and this was done in August, 1988. Others were the German Shepherd from the "Hero" Dog food ad, as a German Shepherd guy, and Marmaduke, plus Dogs I'd have dreams about and wake up to draw them, one being a Spaniel.


That's the picture that my Muffin was drawn from. It comes from the front page of the Summer 1979 Humane Society 'Pets & People' newspaper, where Muffin was featured because he was Dogs Grand Champion. I liked how happy he looked, with those great big crazy ears and happy face, a winner surrounded by his owner and all of his friends. I imagined being a pooch like Muffin, named George and even had a dream about it, so the picture means a lot to me.