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Miles To Go

I was reading Ricochet's Junk Blog, with a post about his collection of pin-on buttons, including Garfield, and how he cut the weekday Garfield strips out of the newspaper to make a book out of them.

It reminded me of how I did the same thing with a comic called Miles To Go, which ran in our local paper in 1981-82. I had an empty scrap book with a green cover, and started to collect Miles strips.

I scratch-wrote Miles on the cover  (click picture for larger)

I was also into Garfield a good bit, Marmaduke, Peanuts and Dennis The Menace because of his Dog Ruff, a big shaggy mutt. I didn't collect those, except for a few special ones with Dog humor or guest pooches to the strip.

Somehow I got locked on to Miles, I think it was the easy humor and storylines that appealed to me, plus the fact that it wasn't a really popular comic like the others made it kind of special, because not everyone was talking about it. It didn't hurt that Miles was a big Sheepdog type, and I liked shaggy Dogs.

My scrapbook with some Miles To Go Sunday strips  (click for larger)

Miles was a full fledged comic, it ran daily strips and a Sunday story in color. The Sunday edition was the best, with room for more storytelling. Here's a favorite from Valentine's Day 1982.

Sunday comic Valentine's 1982  (Click to see it bigger)

Phil Frank wrote and drew Miles, but he was probably better known for another comic, Farley. Miles was a character in Farley too, working at radio station KFUR, broadcasting to Dogs and cats. I don't remember reading the Farley comic, it might not have appeared in a Pittsburgh newspaper, or it was around before I was reading newspaper comics.

The daily strips were in black and white print, I saved them too.

Some daily strips from October 1981  (click pictures to see a bigger Dog)
My kind of humor, gone to the Dogs.. :)  (click pic to see it bigger)

When I'm looking at my collections of old things and run across this scrapbook, I'll read a page or two of Miles and remember how reading and collecting the comic was a fun little thing to do.



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