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Canine Carry Outs

My friend Ric and me went to the Arby's on Noblestown Road for our local meat lunch and a pack of 6 Boomer fans came in, saying hi from the counter. They left and went across the street to the Rite-Aid and crossed back to Arby's 5 minutes later, came up to our table and gave me a bag of Canine Carry Outs Dog snacks!

Canine Carry Outs on table at Arby's in Greentree with Squeaky  (click for bigger)

How cool is that! I've gotten Dog food a few times at the radio stations I've been to as a Dog, something they have fun with on the air, but no one's ever gone and bought me Dog food like that.. It's the thought that counts.

I had my Boomer business cards with me, and luckily one was signed Boomer and had a paw pad on it, so I gave it to the guy who brought me the food. I should have bought a round of pop for all of them for that. I thought they were probably getting in some fun time before school has to start again, groan.. ;)

Canine Carry outs are meat, Arby's is a meat restaurant, and I did carry the treats out!

Dudes, awesome.