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Jabber Walkies

I walk some, and then I jabber about it.. :)

A few days ago I was out for a walk while it was still dark yet, It was unseasonably warm and dry, so I had a good long walk. With the holidays, there have been plenty of lawn ornaments out, since Halloween and all of the gravestones and pumpkins.

As I was walking along, I looked up a slope into a yard to see the distinct outline of a Dog, and did a double take, thinking a real pooch was standing there. "That's just a reindeer looking like a pooch... no, it's not, that's a real Poodle-looking statue! I have to come back later after it's light and get a picture."

Dog statue lawn ornament through the fog  (click on for bigger)

That's heavy fog, around the Dog. I haven't seen a fog like this for a while, you could call it a pea soup fog, very thick, and it reminded me of when, as a younger pup, I'd stick my head down into the chest freezers in the supermarket on a summer day and breathe in the cold fog, it felt just like that. It was 26° F when I went out.

Closer shot of the 'doodle with decorated tree (click for a bigger view)

He kind of has a Dog show stance, very cute, and I've never seen this breed as an ornament before. I got up closer to get a few shots without so much of the fog. The wires might be for posing or animation, it appears he's plugged in, he's an Electric Dog!

A buddy down the street calls them 'Golden Noodles' (click for the big picture)

With the fog and cold temperatures, there was a light frost over everything, the grass, the Dog's fur was flocked, and even his jingle bells and ribbon were frosty. I wish he could come to life so I could take him on a walk with me.

It's good to take a camera out during different or more unusual weather conditions and lighting to get different kinds of shots.