Jabber Walkies

I walk some, and then I jabber about it.. :)

A few days ago I was out for a walk while it was still dark yet, It was unseasonably warm and dry, so I had a good long walk. With the holidays, there have been plenty of lawn ornaments out, since Halloween and all of the gravestones and pumpkins.

As I was walking along, I looked up a slope into a yard to see the distinct outline of a Dog, and did a double take, thinking a real pooch was standing there. "That's just a reindeer looking like a pooch... no, it's not, that's a real Poodle-looking statue! I have to come back later after it's light and get a picture."

Dog statue lawn ornament through the fog  (click on for bigger)

That's heavy fog, around the Dog. I haven't seen a fog like this for a while, you could call it a pea soup fog, very thick, and it reminded me of when, as a younger pup, I'd stick my head down into the chest freezers in the supermarket on a summer day and breathe in the cold fog, it felt just like that. It was 26° F when I went out.

Closer shot of the 'doodle with decorated tree (click for a bigger view)

He kind of has a Dog show stance, very cute, and I've never seen this breed as an ornament before. I got up closer to get a few shots without so much of the fog. The wires might be for posing or animation, it appears he's plugged in, he's an Electric Dog!

A buddy down the street calls them 'Golden Noodles' (click for the big picture)

With the fog and cold temperatures, there was a light frost over everything, the grass, the Dog's fur was flocked, and even his jingle bells and ribbon were frosty. I wish he could come to life so I could take him on a walk with me.

It's good to take a camera out during different or more unusual weather conditions and lighting to get different kinds of shots.


Interesting pictures

I like to walk at night, after all of the cars are put away, and a Dog can walk freely without a leash and observe things.

It's Fall now, and a few days ago I was walking down Cherry Street, and saw an interesting scene with the sodium vapor streetlamps making the street look shiny after a light rain that had just passed. There was a tree whose leaves looked surprisingly bright in the orange lamplight.

I'd just started my walk and thought that would make a good photograph, but I wanted to finish my walk first and come back with a camera and tripod, as it wouldn't be getting light for a while yet.

Cherry Street leaves and streetlamps 11-19-15  (Click on it for full size)

It did turn out to be a nice scene, taken with my Olympus Camedia C-770 camera on a tripod. The one thing about scenes under orange lamps like this is they may disappear sometime soon as sodium vapor lamp heads are replaced by white light LED fixtures. At the time when sodium lamps were being introduced, people weren't used to the pink-orange, and the color rendering of the bulbs is poor.

Others said that the light was better for drivers at night, being in the red spectum it would cause less night blindness; your eyes would need to adjust less going from a street-lit area to dark sections of the road. Maybe LED manufacturers could reproduce sodium's color in an LED lamp?

After taking the street and tree scene picture, I picked up and started to walk home, and only a few steps up the road I saw this scene:

Seuss Sheepdog and tree creature, 11-19-15, (Click for larger size)

It was on the ridge of a yard, right above me. It reminded me of the characters from Dr. Seuss books, a realistic Old English Sheepdog side profile, with his tongue out, facing some kind of a larger alien creature of some sort. This was taken on Auto with a tripod, and that's pretty much the scene's true brightness. I've walked this way many times before at night, but the cloud cover was making the silhouettes stand out against the sky.

I was facing East to take this picture, and I'm hoping to get a picture at dawn, maybe with some interesting colors behind the bushes.

I did get some shots of the sunrise, not behind the Dog, but over the school.

Sunrise over Aiken School from Greentree Road 11-21-15 (click for larger)

I was coming home from my walk at about 7 am and saw this scene, so I grabbed my camera and went back, it was just around the corner. The weather had changed pretty fast over the past day, from warm and wet to cold and dry, and when these were taken, the temperature was about 30F.