Untitled? Normal?

Odd name for a blog, right?

I built my first Personal Computer in 1999 from junk parts, much of it from the trash at local office buildings. Some of the parts came from generous friends who were hoping to see me enter the world of 'real' computing, and get me off of my WebTV set-top box.

One of the things I wanted to do with a new computer was to build Web sites at home, work on the local pages and upload them, something that WebTV didn't really support. I'd gotten deeply into the details of HTML on WebTV, making pages in Angelfire's 'Web Shell' online editor, and on WebTV's e-mail, which supported HTML. I continued when I got my Windows 98 PC together, mostly using Notepad, but trying out other editors along the way.

HTML in my notebook, 1998

To learn HTML, I read guides and also looked at other pages to see how they did things. I saw pages called "Untitled Normal Page" at different sites, something that would show up in IE4's title bar - those pages were all over the place in the late 1990s. Looking at the HTML on pages like that revealed that they were written using FrontPage, a web editor in the Microsoft Office suite, and happened when someone created a page and didn't give it a title!

Mystery solved.

Mom's Windows 95

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